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History of The St. Peter’s Fiesta In Gloucester, Ma

April 2, 2019

Gloucester is a very well known city for its coastal features and local shops & amenities. Located on Cape Ann in Boston’s North Shore, Gloucester is home to an extensive fishing community with a heritage rooted deep in history. The Fisherman’s Memorial located beside Gloucester’s Harbor represents all of the fishermen who have dedicated their time and lives to this industry.

From June 26 to June 30, 2019, St. Peter’s Fiesta will take place in Gloucester. The Fiesta is “a celebration of the city’s commercial fishing and faith, that has grown to become a city-wide party in Gloucester, MA.” –Discover Gloucester

The Patron Saint of Fishermen

Third Coming of Christ Miraculous Draught of Fish (c. Early 16th Century)
Painting by Aelbrecht Bouts
Third Coming of Christ Miraculous Draught of Fish (c. Early 16th Century)
Aelbrecht Bouts

St. Peter, patron saint of all fishermen, is honored through this festival. He became one of Jesus’ first followers and is considered the Catholic Church’s first pope. What better place to honor him and celebrate with the community than Gloucester, MA?

Commercial Fishing in Gloucester, MA

Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial in Gloucester, MA 
Sculpture by Leonard F. Craske
Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial (opened 1925)
Sculpture by Leonard F. Craske

Check out this excerpt about commercial fishing in Gloucester from

“The port of Gloucester was founded in 1623. Known as America’s oldest commercial fishing port, Gloucester still exists as a full-service port for the New England commercial fishing industry.

The port is home to scallop boats, lobster boats, groundfish trawlers, mid-water herring trawlers, gillnetters, and other commercial boats. In 2006 Gloucester was named a Preserve America Community.

Upon arrival in the town, it is quite evident that this is and always has been a fishing village. In fact, Gloucester may be the best example of a fishing town in the United States. The people are extremely proud of their heritage and welcome visitors questions, cameras, and explorations.”

Details About The St Peter’s Fiesta in Gloucester, MA

Man attempting to cross the Greasy Pole over the ocean at Saint Peter's Fiesta in Gloucester, MA

With a carnival and parade, boat races, many prayers, and blessings of the Gloucester’s fishing fleet, the celebration is indeed something spectacular. Did we mention the greasy pole contest? Be sure to check out the Fiesta this year to see everything this contest entails.

We love this celebration because we know the commercial fishing industry in Gloucester is something very important to our community. This 5-day festival is not something to miss during the summer on the North Shore.

Are you going to attend the festival this year? What are you most excited about? Stay up to date with the Discover Gloucester site for information about the festival, events, and happenings.